The Disciple Making Movement Through Business

There are many great resources out available on the 800 discernable movements of God around the globe.  Steve Addison has done a great job on his site at and in his 4 books on Movements.  His latest is currently available on amazon and is a great read and will get you excited about being involved in the work of God that the Spirit of God is mobilizing around the world.  We are looking to encourage people to spend 4 hours of their week in the disciple making process with another hour if the seek to grow in their leadership ability and want to multiply home groups in their community.

What is our Vision for a Disciple Making Model to Facilitate a Disciple Making Movement Through Business? 


1 Hour a Week of Ministry

This is some sort of way to open the door to connect with people.  It can be things like prayer walking around your home or business.  Reaching out to old friends online.  Engaging in conversations with people in places like parks were they are more likely to want to talk.  This can be done solo or with 1 other person.  Usually, it's better received in 1 or 2 people rather than groups of 3 or more.  If you have 3 or more split up into 1's and 2's for your ministry time.  Often a group will come together to pray together for a few minutes before heading out on intentional ministry time and then join back together at the end if they aren't engaged in a conversation.


1 Hour a Week of MadGroups

MadGroups (Buddy's term) or Life Transformation Groups (Neil Cole's term) are the cornerstone of our Disciple Making plan.  They are a simple, transferable way to get believers and seekers in they are interested to practice engaging with God's word, prayer and the confession of sin.  You can find out more at MadGroups are simply an amazing tool to make disciples and I always find I am challenged and encouraged in my own faith as well 20 years after being involved in my first group. 


2 Hours a Week of Home Group

Home Groups are the place where a group of believes or seekers come together to have a meal, learn from God's word, celebrate, worship and pray together.  This is a simple gathering that can be in addition to your regular church meeting or in place of it for some.  The focus is on relationship and everyone using their gifts to serve the body rather than just a few people doing the work of the church. We also encourage members to use at least half of their tithe for their personal ministry to people maybe during their set aside ministry time they become aware of a need, a neighbor that is in need etc or to provide hospitality to others in the name of Jesus.  49% of Typical churches giving goes to salaries of the staff.  The bulk of the rest goes to the building.  Only about 10% goes to missions and ministries that reach outside of the church walls.  What would it look like if suddenly every member of the body of Christ started investing their giving to people that they were personally ministering to that had a need.  It would be revolutionary both for the givers and receivers.  We want people to quit sitting in rows and starting ministering in groups.  This does not need to happen at a home sometimes a restaurant, park or even an employee resource group at a business could be the meeting location.

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